Sunday, January 13, 2019

Snowmen At Work Activities

Snowmen at Work by Carol Beuhner is a great book to read in those snowy winter months.  Just what do snowmen do all night, anyway? Well we know they like to play, but they have jobs to do too!

This week we decided to take a trip to the Snowman Village and spend a day in the life of a snowman!

We started out by reading the book Snowmen at Work and then we made a list of jobs that snowmen might be doing while we are sleeping.

Next, I told the students the they would be visiting the Snowman Village! I set up 8 different math and literacy stations around the room and the students got to visit each one, trying out some of the different jobs that snowmen at work might do. 

Along the way they went to the Snowman Cafe, the snowman dentist, and even tried out some fishing at the local ice fishing pond! My students love spending a day in the life of different characters in our classroom!

Station 1 - Snowman Detective

Oh no! Someone has stolen a snowman and hid all the parts all over town! At this station, the students put on their detective hat and set to work finding all the missing snowman parts.  As each part was found, they wrote it on their worksheet in this cute "write the room" activity. 

Station 2 - Snowman Cafe

Students made a stop at the Snowman Cafe where they made some snowman soup - hot chocolate with marshmallows! After they enjoyed this tasty treat they did a little sequencing page where they put the steps in the correct order. 

Station 3 - Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

A trip to the Snowman Village wouldn't be complete without building a snowman! At this station, the students practiced addition while playing this fun game.  Each player had a set of snowman pieces and the object of the game was to be the first person to build their snowman.  

Station 4 - Snowman Fishing

A trip to the local ice pone was next! Here the students used a magnetic fishing pole (a dowel rod with a magnet attached) to fish for words with "s" blends.  Every time they hooked a word, they could put it in their fishing bucket.  But watch out! If the ice cracked, they had to throw them all back in.  The first one to fill their pail, won.  They loved this activity so much!

Station 5 - Snowman Dentist

The kids found out that even snowmen have to visit the dentist! The students practiced subtraction story problems at this center.  They used their word mat and little white pom poms as teeth to help them solve their problems. Then they wrote the subtraction sentence on the worksheet. 

Station 6 - Snowman Builder

At this station, the students built their own snowman house out of a Styrofoam cups and mini marshmallows.  They attached their cups to a piece of tag board and then added little houses, snowmen, trees, etc to make their own mini snowman village!

Station 7 - Snowman School

No town is complete without school! At this station the students visited the Snowman School where they worked to see how many words they could make out of the letters in SNOWMAN. 

Station 8 - Snowman Village Bump

Finally, the students finished off their trip to Snowman Village with a little game of bump! They used their addition skills to try and bump their opponent off the board in this cute game. 

When all of the students had visited the stations, it was time to reflect and do some writing.  Each student chose the job that they liked best and wrote why they thought it would be the best snowman job. 

This was the perfect way to spend a cold and snowy day in January! When the weather is too cold to get outside, bring the snowman village inside! If you're planning a winter parent night, these activities would be perfect for that, too! Take a closer look at each of these activities here.