Saturday, December 15, 2018

Elf Activities For Kids

Classroom elf activities are always fun during December. Your students will love completing an elf application and spending a day in the life of an elf as they travel from station to station trying out the different jobs of an elf!

Imagine the excitement in the air when your students find out they will be applying for the job of a North Pole elf! That's what happened in our classroom when my students filled out an official Elf Application and then got the chance to try out some of the jobs of Santa's elves.

We started out with one of my favorite December stories  Jolly Old Santa Claus. I love this book because it shows the children the North Pole and all of the different jobs of Santa's elves.

Next, we made a list of some of the different jobs that elves do at the North Pole. We used the interactive writing technique, where students share the pen with the teacher and write the words as the rest of the class helped them sound out tricky words. 

After creating our list, students filled out this free Official Elf Application to apply to be one of Santa's North Pole elves! They had to answer questions like "Do you like cookies?" and "Will you feed the reindeer?".  The application even included a section where students used persuasive writing to tell Santa why he should pick them for the job.


The next day, students spent a day in the life of an elf.  They visited 8 different stations and tried out some of the jobs of Santa's elves.  

The Elves Make Cookies

At this station, students decorated real Christmas cookies with frosting and sprinkles. They also made a simple cookie craft where they cut out a cookie and decorated it with paper frosting and marker sprinkles.  

The Elves Feed The Reindeer

At this station, students made magic reindeer food.  They colored a Magic Reindeer Food topper and then mixed together the ingredients of oatmeal, birdseed and "magic reindeer dust" (glitter!).  They each got to take home a bag of reindeer food to sprinkle on their lawn on Christmas eve, 

The Elves Trim The Trees

At this station, our little elves got to decorate some Christmas trees with this cute Christmas tree craft.  

The Elves Make Clothing

We all know that Santa's elves have to sew and make their own clothing, so at this station the students made a cute elf hat that even included some special elf ears! We attached them to sentence strip headbands and the kids looked adorable as they traveled from station to station in their official elf hats!

The Elves Help Santa Check His List

One of the most important jobs at the North Pole is helping Santa make his naughty and nice list! At this station the kids played a game called Who's Naughty or Nice? where they had to read cards and decide if the action on the card was naughty or nice.  

The Elves Have Snowball Fights

All work and no play is no fun for the elves, right? They have to have some fun too and of course at the North Pole one of the best things to do is have a snowball fight! At this station, kids had fun throwing snowballs (giant marshmallows) into the styrofoam cup snow fort of their opponent.  

Each time they landed in a cup, they had to find the matching doubles fact to their answer and put a mini marshmallow on their opponents snow fort.  They first person to fill the fort with marshmallows knocked their opponents fort down and won the game! They LOVED this!

The Elves Make Christmas Cards

Finally, our little elves made the cutest thumbprint Christmas cards to give to their family.  They could choose from a string of lights or some mini reindeer on their thumbprint cards.  So cute!

This truly was a memorable and magical day for the students in my class.  They loved all the hands on activities and thought it was so fun to try out different elf jobs!  If you'd like to make some Christmas memories with your class too, you can grab A Day In The Life Of An Elf here.