Monday, November 12, 2018

Pilgrim Activities

These pilgrim activities are sure to make your lessons on long ago and today engaging and memorable for your students. Are you learning about the first Thanksgiving? It's the perfect time to fit those social studies standards on life long ago into your lessons.

We have been learning all about Thanksgiving and what life was like for the Pilgrims.  We decided to spend one day comparing our life to theirs, so we stepped into the shoes of a Pilgrim and tried out some of their daily chores with these pilgrim activities.  

I set up 8 different stations and the students rotated around to each one, doing a different activity that the Pilgrim children would have done in their daily life.  Take a look at everything we did!

Station 1 - The pilgrims wrote with a feather quill.

At this area, students tried writing with a feather quill.  The quickly found out that using a pencil was much easier!

Station 2 - The pilgrims made quilts.

At this station, the students created their own paper quilt square using pre cut triangles.  They glued them on their square and then we mounted all of our quilt pieces together to make a class friendship quilt!

Station 3 - The pilgrims cooked.

Now it was time for the students to try a little cooking! We worked together to make a pumpkin pie and then the kids did a sequencing page when they were finished. 

Station 4 - The pilgrims planted gardens.

At this station, each child planted a seed.  We will water them and watch them grow in our classroom Pilgrim garden.

Station 5 - The pilgrims hunted.

The students loved this Thanksgiving themed write the room activity.  I hid 9 different animal pictures around the classroom.  They were woodland animals that the pilgrims might have seen when they were out hunting.  The students looked around the room for animals and wrote them down as they spotted them on their hunt!

Station 6 - The pilgrims fished.

What kid can resist a magnetic fishing pole? At this station, the students fished for addition facts.  Each time they caught a fish they had to find the correct answer on their worksheet and color it in. 

Station 7 - The pilgrims built houses.

During our unit on the first Thanksgiving, we learned that the pilgrims had to build their homes.  We used mini pretzel sticks and a cute worksheet to built our own pilgrim houses.

Station 8 - The pilgrims made clothing.

Finally, at our last station, the children practiced sewing using lacing cards of pilgrim dresses and shirts. 

If you're looking for some new activities for Thanksgiving, these stations are sure to keep your students engaged and learning! Hop over here to take a closer look at everything that's included.  

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