Monday, October 8, 2018

Pumpkin Writing Activities

What do you have planned for your October writing activities? Here in Ohio we write about pumpkins! There are so many fun activities to do with pumpkins that will keep your student engaged and their imaginations ready for some great writing!

We started out our unit by reading The Pumpkin Book by Gail Gibbons. After we finished the book, we brainstormed all the different things we could make with pumpkins.

Making Pumpkin Pie

We decided the first thing we would make on the list was pumpkin pie! If your students are like mine, any time there's food involved, the kids are eager and ready to participate. The students helped me mix the ingredients and make the pie.

After this, the students helped me write the steps on how to make pumpkin pie.  We did this as a shared writing, where I acted as the scribe and the children told me what to write. 

Then the students wrote their own narrative on how to make pumpkin pie.  The students used a writing template to help them out, since this was their first attempt at writing using the words first, next, then and last. 

Finally they made a cute pumpkin pie craft and we all enjoyed a slice of our pie!

Making Jack O Lanterns

The next day, we continued our pumpkin unit and narrative writing by learning about Jack O Lanterns! We read the book It's Pumpkin Time! by Zoe Hall and decided to carve a jack o lantern. 

The students helped draw the face and scoop out the inside of the pumpkin.  

When our pumpkin was finished, we took a vote on naming him.  We had three suggestions.....Mr. Smiley, Leon and Super Mario.  I think the winning name was perfect, don't you?

Next it was time for shared writing.  The students helped me write the steps for making a jack o lantern and then they wrote their own steps.  

Finally, they finished off the lesson with this cute jack o lantern craft.