Sunday, October 21, 2018

Halloween Writing Activities

Halloween writing activities wouldn't be complete without a few monsters, wouldn't you agree?  We had a great time this week making and writing about some spooky creatures!

Day 1

We started out the lesson by reading aloud When a Monster Is Born by Sean Taylor.  This circle story begins with a tale about what happens when monsters are born and it was perfect for our lesson on adopting our own monster!

After we read the story, we talked about what monsters looked like.  We worked together in interactive writing to create this chart with adjectives that describe monsters. 

When we were finished, my firsties made their own monsters! I had trays filled with different patterns for bodies, eyes, ears, hands feet, etc and the kids could choose whatever they wanted to make their own silly monster. 

Next, it was time for the students to write their own list of adjectives to describe their monster.

Day 2

The next day, the students made a little baby book about their monster.  They gave their monster a name, wrote about where it was born, it's first outing and it's "beastie" friends!

Day 3

Finally, it was time for the students to write a little story about their monster. I began by reading them the story Go Away, Big Green Monster!  by Ed Emberly.  We reviewed our adjectives chart describing monsters. 

Next,  I made my own large monster and show the students how to write a story about a monster in shared writing. I showed them how to include adjectives to describe their monster.  We also practiced writing commas in a series. 

Then,  it was time for the students to write their own stories. They used their list of adjectives from the day before to help them in their writing. 

Want to adopt some monsters in your room too? Grab Adopt a Monster here. 

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