Wednesday, June 6, 2018

5 Things to Discuss at Meet The Teacher Night

Do you get nervous thinking about Meet The Teacher? Do you worry that you will get tongue tied and forget everything that you wanted to say? Me too!

Here are some tips on what to include at your Meet The Teacher open house presentation:

Begin your presentation with a little bit about yourself.  Briefly tell the parents and students about your education, how long you've been teaching, what you enjoy most about your job and maybe a bit of personal information like your hobbies outside of school and your family. Help them feel confident to entrust their children with you every day and help the students know that you will be a fun and enjoyable teacher. 

Talk a bit about your schedule each day.  What subjects will the students be learning each day? Will they get the opportunity for special classes like art, gym and music?  Parents and students will be interested in knowing exactly how they will spend each day in your classroom.

Now is the time to explain your classroom management style.  How will you handle discipline? Will you use a clip chart? Class dojo? PAX? Explain your classroom management this first evening so that parents and students will know what to expect in regards to behavior management.  If you will have a calendar or some other method of communicating with parents about daily behavior, now is the time to explain this to your class.  

Parents and kids care about this stuff...what time is lunch? How much does it cost? Can my child pack their lunch? Do you have a snack during the day and how does that work? Give parents all the information about lunch and snack now to avoid any miscommunications later.

I always like to explain my homework procedures during Meet the Teacher night.  I give all my homework on Monday in a special folder and it is to be returned on Friday.  What do you do for homework? Now is the perfect time to explain your homework procedures to parents and students and explain your grading policy as well. 


These are just a few of the important things to include at your open house meeting with parents and students.  To make things easier, I like to use an editable powerpoint.  It looks professional, keeps me on track and keeps the parents and students engaged in your presentation.  

Included in this BACK TO SCHOOL EDITABLE POWERPOINT are the following slides:

1. Welcome page
2. Meet your teacher. 
3. What's our daily schedule?
4. How do students get to school?
5. What are the classroom rules?
6. Will my child need supplies?
7. Breakfast and lunch information.
8. What are the special classes?
9. Snack information.
10. What will my child be learning?
11. Will my child have homework?
12. How will I know my child's grades?
13. How will the teacher handle discipline?
14. How should my child dress for school?
15. Can parents volunteer?
16. Thank you page. 
17. Additional editable blank pages for your own questions or information.