Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Teacher For The Day - End Of The Year Activities

Do you need a fun end of the year activity?  Why not give your students the chance to be Teacher For The Day? My kids had a blast planning their own lesson and teaching our class!

I started out by sending a letter home with the students explaining that they would get a chance to teach a short 5-10 minute lesson to our class. They could pick any topic and they would have to bring in all the needed materials to teach this lesson to our class.  They could teach us how to make some kind of food, a special dance move, how to draw something....the possibilities were endless!

On the back of the letter was their lesson plan. They had to tell me what they would be teaching, the materials they would need and the steps it would take to teach the lesson. There are two versions for both on-level and struggling writers. 

I planned on having about 4 students teach a lesson each day.  I made a special desk for them with a sign that said "Teacher For The Day", special markers, stickers, and a bell to ring to get the other students attention. 

We had some great lessons! We learned how to hoola hoop, jump rope, how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and how to make a paper airplane! One student taught us how to make fruit pizza....yum!

Another student taught us how to paint a rainbow.....

This student taught us how to care for our pets. She brought in a stuffed dog, dog bowls, a toy, brush and leash.  She told us all the ways to care for your pet and how to keep safe from strange dogs.  It was wonderful!

We learned how to frost cupcakes.  Our teacher for the day brought in everything we needed to each make our own cupcake!

The girls made Shopkins cupcakes and the boys made Minions!

Check out this little teacher! He taught us how to ride on a boogie board!!

After each lesson, the students completed a page in their Teacher For The Day book.  They wrote about what they learned from each teacher and illustrated their page. 

We had a great time learning from each other and I got a much needed BREAK for a little while! Perfect for the busy month of May when we are winding down the school year! Are you looking for something fun to do with your class too? You can grab Teacher For The Day  here.