Friday, April 27, 2018

Learning About Trees

Learning about trees was a fun activity for my first grade students this week!  We learned about the importance of trees on our environment and all the things that we get from trees.

We started our lesson by reading the Scholastic News Magazine "Thank You Trees" and watching a short video about all the things we get from trees.

We followed this with a shared writing activity and the students each wrote one thing that we get from trees on a paper leaf that we attached to our tree anchor chart. 

Next the students made paper bag trees.  We used brown paper lunch bags and cut stips about half way down the bag. 

Pull the strips apart and twist tightly to form the branches of the tree. 

Next, twist the bag around to form the trunk and attach to a sheet of paper. 

The students added leaves to their trees and wrote some of the things that we get from trees on the leaves.  They added details to their project like animals, flowers, etc.