Saturday, March 3, 2018

First Grade On Fleek 3-3-2018

Hey friends....once again we had a pretty fantastic week in Firstieland.  Take a look at some of the fun we had! 

Our theme this week was comparing Long Ago and Today.  My firsties are always facinated by this topic.  They just can't believe how things have changed and can't imagine life without TV and video games! You can take a look at our entire lesson here. 

Can you believe March is here? It feels like I was just writing about Presidents Day and now St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner! I always change my centers out at the beginning of each month and I try to keep them in the theme of the upcoming holiday.  This month all of our centers have a St. Patrick's Day LOVE anything to do with leprechauns! Take a look here to see everything we have going on this month. 

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day, check out these adorable light up  Shamrock Rings that I found! I knew I could use them for something in my classroom so I grabbed a bunch! We are going to use them in small group for flash card games. Tap your ring if you know the word....the first one to light up their ring and say the word, wins!! We played it on Friday and the kids loved it! Can you think of any other ways I could use these in my room?  Comment below and let me know! 

We have a program in our school called Celebrity Reader.  Each month we have a local celebrity visit and read to our first grade students.  It's a great program because our "celebrity" always talks about why reading is so important to their chosen profession, they tell the kids all about their job and they read them a book.  

This month our celebrity reader was Gabriella Morando, the winner of Miss Ohio Outstanding Teen competition.  She came to our school this week and read two books to our students and told them all about her platform "BRAVE" - Building Respect and Value for Everyone.  The kids enjoyed it....especially checking out her cool crown!

Finally, I leave you with my Friday funny.... cause yea, I think I did this three times this week.......