Monday, March 26, 2018

Easy Egg Coloring In The Classroom

Would you think I was crazy if I said I love to dye Easter eggs with my firsties? Are you thinking that has GOT to me a hot mess! Well, let me tell you.... I have a new twist on an old favorite that is going to make you want to try it out too!

I love to color eggs with my students! It's creative, fun and a great way to spark some persuasive writing! I start by reading a cute book that's all about coloring eggs The Best Easter Eggs Ever!. In this book the Easter Bunny decides to hold an egg decorating contest to see who can come up with the best new design.  

Prior to the lesson, I had sent a note home asking students to bring in 6 hard boiled eggs.  After reading the book, I tell the children that we are going to try decorating some eggs to see who can come up with some great designs too.  And here's where the twist comes in.

Instead of the old "dip and dye" technique, we use black sharpie marker to draw on our eggs and then paint them with watercolor paints! The kids LOVE it! 

They love making different patterns and pictures on their eggs with sharpie and painting them is so much more fun! 

After the students finished painting their eggs, it was time to do a little writing.  Each child wrote their opinion of coloring eggs.  As you can imagine, everyone said that they liked it and had lots of good examples of why it was such a fun activity!

Personally, I like coloring real eggs for this activity.  But, another option is to have students watercolor paint paper eggs and fill an easter basket! 

If you think you might like to try a new twist on an old tradition, you can grab this activity here.  You're students will think you're egg'stra special!!