Sunday, March 25, 2018

Easter Bunny's Assistant

If you are looking for some fun Easter activities, this lesson is sure to make your kids smile!

This year, I decided to make a little change to my normal Easter activities in my classroom.  Usually, I have a traditional Easter egg hunt with cupcakes or a treat afterward.  But to be honest, I have found that it has lost it's appeal over the years.  

Many of the kids in my class attend multiple egg hunts - church, neighborhood, home.  After a while, it's just not as magical any more.  So I started thinking I needed something new and fresh! 

So when I was wandering around the book store and saw The Easter Bunny's Assistant, I had the perfect idea! This year, I set up my classroom to be "Bunnyville" and the students rotated stations that were set up to look like jobs in the Easter Bunny's workshop! 

Who knew the Easter Bunny had an assistant? Well, in this picture book, he does, and he is a skunk. When the Easter Bunny sets out to teach Skunk the ways of Easter egg dyeing they immediately run into problems.  

After reading this book to my class, I decided to tell them that the Easter Bunny needed a new assistant and they they could apply for the job! The first thing they had to do was fill out a job application.  

After this, they rotated around the classroom trying out different jobs in "Bunnyville"! 

Job #1 - Easter Basket Maker

At this station, the firsties painted paper eggs with watercolor paints and made this cute Easter basket craft.

Job #2 - Candy Tester

Everyone knows that somebody has test out the candy that the Easter Bunny is delivering, right? At this station, the kids got a little cup of Easter candy (peeps, jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and robin eggs) that they tasted.   Then they drew and labeled their favorite and least favorite candies.  After that, they put the candy in ABC order. 

Job #3 - Bunnyville Gardener

At this station, students planted bean seeds and made a cute layered book, in the shape of a rabbit, telling the sequence of how to plant beans.  

Job #4 - Official Egg Hunter

At this station, the firsties hunted for eggs.  Hidden all around the room were eggs that were numbered 1-12.  Inside each egg was a letter.  The students had to collect all 12 eggs and then match the letter in the egg to the secret clue on their worksheet.  They had a blast trying to figure out the secret message - "Hoppy Easter!"

Job #5 - Easter Egg Artist

At this station, the kids painted giant Easter eggs with watercolor paints.  We used the paper eggs because we had already colored real eggs earlier in the week, but it would be super fun to have the students bring in real eggs for this station. 

Job #6 - Jelly Bean Sorter

Finally, at this station, the kids each got a cup of jelly beans that they sorted on their sorting mat and then graphed. 

Each child had a checklist of all the jobs and were able to rotate around the room at their own pace, doing each job.  When they finished a job, they marked it on their checklist and moved on to the next task!

When everyone was finished, they had a chance to write and draw about their favorite job and then they each received an official badge from the Easter Bunny!

This was a great way to finish up as we headed off to Spring Break! The kids totally enjoyed it and I stayed true to my math and literacy standards.  It was something new and new Easter tradition!

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