Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Presidents Day

This week, we're learning all about President's Day!  Here are some activities that you can use in your classroom.  This unit is great for kindergarten, first grade or second grade.

I like to take about a week to teach this mini unit.  I begin each day with a read aloud.  Here are some of my favorites.

DAY 1 

Ilike to begin with the history of President's Day and why we celebrate this holiday.  We make a cute craft book called "What Is President's Day?" and we make a page a day in this book.  We make an American flag on the first page. 


We read the book Let's Celebrate Presidents' Day and then we watched a video on Scholastic called "The Presidency".  

We finished day two with the second page of our "What is President's Day?" interactive craft book.


On Day 3, we learn all about George Washington.  I like the book  A Picture Book of George Washington .  Scholastic News has a great free issue all about George Washington.  There is an online digital issue, a great video and a skills game.  You can take a look at them here. 

We finish this lesson with the third page of our interactive craft book.  This kids make this adorable George Washington craft! 


On the next day, it's time to learn about Abe Lincoln!  My two favorite books are Abe Lincoln's Hat  and Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers.  We also watch a video called The Life of Abraham Lincoln. 

We make the fourth page of our book with this cute Abe Lincoln craft!

Day 5

We finish up our week by learning a little about the White House.  We begin by taking a virtual tour of the White House. and we also read a cute book called Woodrow, the White House Mouse.  

Finally, we finish our interactive book with this craft page of the White House. 

If you want to do this mini unit with your students you can grab it here

Need more President's Day activities?  Take a look at my President's Day Social Studies and Writing Unit.  This unit includes detailed lesson plans, a non-fiction powerpoint story, pre and post assessments, graphic organizers, differentiated writing templates and two crafts.