Friday, February 16, 2018

10 Ideas for your 100th Day of School

How did you celebrate your 100th Day of School? We had a blast this year with our 100th Day Stations!  It took me a little prep time, but it was well worth it! My fab firsties had so much fun and all of the activities were basically independent and needed very little help from me.  So here's a look at some of the things we did!

100th Day of School Treat

The firsties were greeted when they came into the classroom with a sweet 100th day treat and a $100 dollar bill!

100th Day Books

We read a couple of 100th day of school books.  Here are some of my favorites!

100th Day Stations

I set up 8 different stations around my classroom and had my firsties work in pairs (I have 16 students in my class), but you could easily have more students at each station. They had a log that they took with them and as they completed a station, they checked off the log and moved on to the next one. 

Occasionally, groups would overlap at a station, but that was ok because there was plenty of room.  There was no time frame for them to complete each station, they just worked at their own pace.

Station #1

Our first station was hunting for 100 Hershey kisses! This was a great idea and the kids LOVED it, but next year I will make it a separate activity.  The first couple of groups went crazy finding kisses and there weren't many left for the others to find.  The good thing is that they didn't eat them right away.  They had to match the number on the bottom of the kiss to the game board.  We shared all the kisses at the end! 

Station #2

The firsties had fun building with 100 Lincoln Logs! 

Station #3

How many licks does it take to get to the center of your lollipop?? The students colored in one block for each lick. Lick....color.....lick.....color.....they were very precise! 

Station #4

What can you build with 100 cups?  I set this station up on our carpet area and the kids built tall towers and huge forts! 

Station #5

The kids worked together to build a chain with 100 links! Each pair of students added a different color to the chain. 

Station #6

Next the students filled their gumball machine with 100 gumballs made from bingo daubers! I numbered the daubers from 1-10 and they kids had to put 10 gumballs of each color in their machine. 

Station #7

The next station was stringing a 100 bead necklace.  This station took the longest, but the kids stuck to it and made a really cute necklace as a keepsake from our 100th day! I found the beads at our local Dollar Tree.  Three bags of beads was enough for 20  students.  I also found the green divided trays at the same store! 

I had some of my kiddos separate them by color the day before so we were ready to go. I precut the string and tied a bead to the end so that they didn't push the beads off as they were stringing.  I also taped the other end so that it didn't come unraveled as they were working.  

This station took the most prep time, but it was worth it because the kids loved it!


Station #8

The final station was making a structure out of toothpicks and mini marshmallows. I separated the marshmallows into baggies so that each child could take their own bag.  I counted out the first couple of bags of 100.....and then I sort of eyeballed the rest! (shhh, don't tell the kids!) 

I had a lot of the materials I needed already in my classroom and purchased most of the other items for a relatively low cost at dollar stores.  I found the idea for these stations on Differentiated Kindergarten and she has a great FREEBIE for the station log, numbers and the worksheets! Be sure to head on over there and grab it for your next 100th Day celebration!