Saturday, October 7, 2017

Map Skills For Young Students with Me On The Map

If you are working on map skills with your kindergarten, first grade or second grade students,  you are going to want to check out this lesson using the book Me On The Map! We made the cutest maps in small groups and a Me On The Map flip book!

We began this lesson by showing my Fab Firsties a variety of maps.  I had some maps that I have collected like road maps, town maps, a map of the zoo, a map of our country and the world. I pointed out the features on different maps like the Compass Rose,  Map Key, roads, and symbols.  We watched a couple of videos about maps which you can find on my YouTube Channel here. 

Next we made a list of places that someone might want to find in our town.  

Then the students worked in small groups to create their own map of the town.  I gave each group a large sheet of white construction paper (18x24).  To save time, I drew the roads on the map ahead of time. You could let your students do this part too, if you have extra time.  

The students used construction paper scraps to create different places from our list.  I try not to use patterns if I can help it....I like the look of "kid made"! Everything they made was without a pattern.

Next they worked together to glue all of their places on the map. 

Finally, they were ready to label their map.  They used our list of places to help them spell the words correctly.  

The next day, we continued our lesson with the story Me On The Map.  This is a charming story that shows a little girl, step by step, on a map of her room, her room on the map of her house, her house on the map of her street -- all the way to her country on a map of the world!

We finished up our lesson with our "Me On The Map Flip Book".  This simple flip book demonstrated to the students their place in the world as they illustrated their house, neighborhood, town, state, country and world. You can grab your copy of this little FREEBIE here!