Monday, October 9, 2017

Stellaluna Bat Activities

Stellaluna bat activities are perfect during the fall and around Halloween! These bat lesson plans include anchor charts, a bat cave, story map and more!

Last week we read the book Stellaluna and some non fiction books about Bats on Epic Books (it's like Netflix for books.....and its FREE for teachers!!) We did a little mini unit on Bats and their habitats.This fits in perfectly with one of our science standards and of course our Halloween activities! We made a Story Map for Stelluna and then my Fab Firsties practiced retelling the story using First, Next and Last. They put their retelling on a cute little bat craft.  I found this idea on Pinterest from the fabulous Cara Caroll over at The First Grade Parade!  I pinned a bunch of cute bat can check them out on my Pinterest page here.

In shared writing, we made a web about bats and then the kids made a cute bat craft and wrote a list of things that bats can do.  They also made the cutest "bat cave"'s just a paper plate cut in half and the middle cut out.  We painted them black, glued them to blue paper and drew details with crayons.  So adorable!!

We finished up by making a life size bat cave that we put in the hallway.....with a basket of halloween books and some flashlights.  The Fab Firsties can visit the cave during read to self and go "batty" reading books!!