Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September Word Work Center

What's at your Word Work Center?  Are you looking for a few quick and easy ideas?  Here's what's happening at my Word Work Center in September.

Since it's the beginning of the school year, I like to put a review of Kindergarten words and things that are very simple for my Fab Firsties.  I believe centers should be a review and practice of skills that have already been introduced.

String A Word

This is super easy! I wrote some of the kindergarten sight words on index cards and put them in a box with letter beads and pipe cleaners.  The students can string the words on the pipe cleaner and then write their word on the matching paper.  You can grab a freebie of my String A Word here.

Sight Word Parking Lot

This is a game that your students can play alone or with a friend.  They simply choose a card, read it out loud and drive their car to the correct space in the parking lot. 

Handwriting Practice

This little magic board is great for practicing handwriting.  I bought this at Lakeshore Learning.  You can pick it up here. 

Mystery Name Bottles

My kids LOVE these!  I made the Mystery Name Bottles with mini test tubes, plastic letter beads, a sprinkle of glitter and water!  Each test tube has a different name in it.  The kids have to shake the bottle and figure out who's name is in the bottle.  I numbered each bottle and the kids match the number on the test tube to the name on the page.  Easy and fun.  Grab a freebie of Mystery Name Bottles here. 

Those are the four things at my Word Work Center right now.....I will add more later in the month.  What's happening at your center?  Please add your ideas in the comments below!