Sunday, August 20, 2017

Crayon Theme - Classroom Reveal 2017

As promised ~ Here's my Classroom Reveal 2017!  This year's theme ~ Crayons!

Check out my new door decal!  Loving the quote....I think we might just say this quote together at our morning meeting every day!

First thing each day, my Firsties do their morning chores!

My classroom from the front of the room ......

Our library..... I have my books leveled from A-M on the wall under the windows.  The other shelf has books separated by author and genre. 

Our Spelling Center ~ This is the SIMPLEST center to maintain!  All I do is change the words in the pocket chart each week.  I usually start with 2 activities for the kids to choose from - Write 3 Ways and Rainbow Write.  Eventually I add other activities like "Sandy Spelling" (write words in a sand tray), Keyboard Spelling (type words on a keyboard), Fancy Spelling, Write a Spelling Sentence , etc.  All of these activities are in my Spelling Center Bundle on TPT.  You can grab a copy here. 

My Writing Center is back to back with our Big Book Center.  I keep it very simple in the beginning. Just some different sizes and colors of paper, crayons, pencils, a word book and some mini word walls. As they year goes on I will continue to add many things to this center.  By the end of the year students will be writing personal narratives, reports and opinion pieces!  That's the best thing about First Grade....seeing the progress they make by the time May rolls around! 

My HUGE back bulletin board.  I never know what to put here.  It has a big shelf and computers in front of it, so it's impossible to make it interactive.  This year it will be a display board for the kids creations.  

We do Flexible Seating in our room.  At the start of the year, I ask my Firsties to choose a different seat each day until they have tried every place in the room. The kids choose a seat each morning and put their picture in the pocket chart next to their choice.   

At the end of the day, we meet and talk about how that seat worked for the kids.  Did they like it?  Were they able to do their best work at that seat? Who did they sit near?  Was that a good choice?  

 I absolutely love flexible's one of the best decision I have made in all my years of teaching.  If you're interested in trying it in your room you can read more about it here and you can take a closer look at this product here. 

Our Big Book / Retelling  Center ~ my Fab Firsties love to come to this center and use the pointers to read the books with large print.  As the year goes on, I add things like flannel board pieces, puppets, cool pointers, etc. 

Our Book boxes ~ We read silently to ourselves every day.  We start the year building our stamina to be able to sit for long periods of time, reading.  We begin with 1-2 minutes of quiet reading.  We continue to add to the time minute by minute, every day, until we are able to read quietly for 20-30 minutes every day.  

The kids really love this quiet time. They enjoy choosing books for their boxes and get excited to read something new.  I will often hear kids say things like "I can't wait to read this book.  I say Billy reading it last week and it looked so good" or "I'm going to read this book today.  I love dinosaurs so that's why I chose it".  

It's a great feeling watching kids go from virtual non readers, to laying in a bean bag chair totally enjoying a good book that they picked from our library.  We keep our book boxes on top of the cubbies in the hallway. 

My Welcome Packs and little gift for my Firsties is all ready to go!  I like to give my parents a welcome pack of all the information they need to know about our classroom ~ our schedule, procedures for lunch, recess, bus, drop off, pick up, etc ....pretty much all the info in one neat packet!

I use a clip chart for classroom management.  I find that at the beginning of the year it is an extremely useful tool as children are testing their limits and learning the rules.  As time goes on, it becomes less important as students simply understand and follow the rules on their own.  But in the beginning, its a great help.  

I love that I can reinforce positive behaviors on the clip chart.  Whenever a student clips all the way to the top in one day, they get a little "diamond" jewel sticker on their clip.  The LOVE earning a "diamond"!  When someone has earned 5 diamonds on their clip, their clip is retired and moved to the "Clip Hall of Fame"and they get a brand new clip.  My Fab Firsties are super proud to earn a diamond and even PROUDER when they go to the Clip Hall of Fame! 

This is our Math Board.  It's at the front of the room and we use it daily during our Math lessons. We add new vocabulary to the Math Words chart and refer to our Strategies for Addition and Subtraction daily.  

Our Art Center looks pretty boring right now....but as the year goes on it will be full of creativity and wonderful creations made by the kids!  The wooden drawers are filled with things the kids can use to create ~ play dough, bingo daubers, stamp pads and stamps, chalk, paint, yarn, ribbon, name it, we have it! 

This is our Big Big Goals board and one of the most important places in our room.  It is at the front of the classroom, right next to our carpet area and we talk about this board EVERY DAY.  It is a requirement for us, as it is for so many of you too, to post our standards.  I wanted this to be a really simple area that the KIDS COULD UNDERSTAND.  

I think it is ridiculous to post a bunch of standards that children do not understand or care about.  YEP I SAID THAT.  So I made this.....we have 3 BIG BIG GOALS that we are trying to reach by the end of the year.  And we talk about that, every day.  Then, we have little goals each week that will help us reach our BIG BIG GOALS.  That's where I write my very simple weekly standards like " I can read my sight words" or "I can add numbers up to 10".  Stuff like that.  

Each day, during our morning meeting we discuss our big big goals and what we are going to do that day to help us reach that goal.  And it works.  The kids understand why we do what we do.  We know we have jobs to do to reach our goals and we work toward them every day.  I love our Big Big Goals Board. ❤️

This isn't the greatest picture, but it's our word wall.  I hung 3 small magnetic white boards below my big board. Each week I add new words to the word wall.  We use this regularly in our room too.  We take words and build sentences together during morning meeting, we find words with endings, blends, etc.  It's interactive, as every word wall should be.  

Morning Tubs & Mini Dry Erase Boards - The kids use these tubs when they first come in each day.  It's free easy start to the day.  I made new labels for the tubs, which I still have to add. 

My big bulletin board in the hallway that will greet my kiddos~! 

Finally, one of the most important areas of the room.  Our guided reading spot.  I keep everything I need (leveled books, word cards, magnetic letters, vocabulary cards, games, etc)  on the open shelves behind the table and in my toolbox on top of the table.  

Well friends.....that's the big reveal for this year.  It's so nice and clean and perfect right now.  Sigh......I'll post pictures of "reality" in a few weeks after the kids have been there for a while.  LOL 

If you love the Crayon Theme, as much as I do, I've made it super easy for you!  Here's the Back to School Crayon Theme MEGA BUNDLE

This huge set includes:

1. Welcome Packet for Parents
2. Clip Chart
3. Morning Chores Board
3. Toppers for your Buyers and Packers Board
4. Labels for your Daily Folder and Homework Folder Baskets

Student Numbers for:

1. Floor Numbers for Lining Up
2. Cubby Numbers / Book Box Numbers
3. Mailbox Numbers
4. Sign In Numbers / Take Home Folder Numbers
5. Name Tags with Numbers
6. Clip Chart Numbers

Have a GREAT year everyone!  And be sure to stop by often.  I will have lots of ideas to help you as you move through the months and seasons.....Plus.....there's always something fun happening in....