Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It's Summer! Let's Get In Shape!

Hey Friends!  Just stopping by to say hi - in the middle of the day - because I can.....why??? I'm on summer vacation!! Can I get a Whoot! Whoot!  And I know.....some of you are still working and I feel for you.  Seriously....let's take a moment of silence for all those still in the classroom.......

So this post is really sort of non-school related.....which may be how a lot of my posts will be this summer, since we are on VACATION. 🍸🌴 But I have to tell you about a little club I started with some of my friends/co-workers.  I decided I needed to get off the couch and get in shape. .....or somewhat in shape at least.  I have pretty much been in one position - sitting in my comfy chair in my family room.........for about 3 years.  Yea, whatever....don't judge.  LOL  So I asked a few friends if they wanted to start a walking club and they did!  Yea!  Happy Dance!!  We call it WOW (Walk Off Weight) Club.  We started today and it was good!  We are meeting at a local park and soooooo....... I walk in all decked out in my "new workout gear" and they were like "Girl.....what you got going on there???" And I'm like "What??? I have to look the part to feel the part!"  Here we are...babies, dogs...everybody welcome!

So off we go.....two miles today.  Proud of my little stubby legs....they did good! We are meeting 3 days a week, 8:30 AM.  We opened it up to all the staff and are hoping more will join us as the summer progresses.  So...if you know you're going to miss your peeps over the summer this is a great way to get together, chat about real life instead of school life and get to be friends! And be sure to get your "active wear" cause GIRL.....you know you have to look the part! And if you need a little something to get you motivated, take a look at this!

Hey all.....I'm out for today. Stay tuned for more adventures from the WOW Club and have a great week! Be sure to stop by soon cause you know there's always something fun happening in