Friday, May 26, 2017

(Insert Drum Roll).........aaaand "WE'RE OUT!"

Hello Fabulous Teachers!  Time for my Five For Friday weekly gratitude!! Let's Go!

Number one thing to be grateful for this week.....TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY! Summer vacation begins tomorrow!  Now you know I love my job......but I equally love my summers! Let the party begin 🌴🍸

I'll miss the Fab Four the most!  They keep me sane and laughing every day!

We finished up our week with a couple of cute activities.  The fab firsties made "compliment books" for each of their friends.  They really ROCKED this project.  Each student had a compliment book and we rotated around the room, writing a compliment for each of the kids.  They really put a lot of thought into this and surprised me with some of their heartfelt responses.  I loved reading everything they wrote....totes cute!! Thanks to Blair Turner for this adorable FREEBIE....if you want to do this in your room too, you can pick it up here

I got the sweetest note from one of my fab firsties.....that's why we do this job ❤️

What am I looking forward to?  My gardens, porch sitting, working on my newest TPT products (stick around this summer....I've got some fabulous surprises in store for you!!), walking with my friends, flea market shopping, hanging out with my family and just RELAXING!  I already have some yummy strawberries growing in my garden and if the chipmunks will leave them alone, I can have them on my morning cereal!! 🐹🍓. 

 If you haven't seen my post on our strawberry lesson you can check it out here. 

I have a fabulous FREEBIE that I offered with this post that includes all the activities in this lesson.  If you haven't already received this freebie, send an email to and I will be happy to send it out to you!

Finally, I'm excited about some new products just listed in my store....For my Journeys fans, I finally finished the bundles for my YEAR LONG ASSESSMENT PACK and my YEAR LONG WORD STUDY.  I've put together a little freebie for both of these products so you can check them out before buying!  You are going to want to check them out NOW so that you can get ready for Back to School over the summer! If you use Journeys, you won't want to miss these products.  They have truly saved my first grade team SO MUCH TIME!  

First, my YEAR LONG ASSESSMENT PACK contains weekly pre and post assessments for every lesson in the First Grade Journeys series.  If you use this series, you know that the assessments are super time consuming!  I used to have to start assessing on Wednesday each week just to fit them all in!  I decided I needed something quick and easy, but that still gave me a good assessment of my firsties skills.  So I created the Journeys Mega Bundle Pre & Post Assessments.  There are 60 assessments total....30 Pre Assessments and 30 Post Assessments PLUS Bonus Answer keys!  These tests assess the weekly Spelling, English/Grammar and Sight Word skills.  They are quick and simple  to use - only one page each - and can be given whole group to save time.  You can check out the bundle here

I also recently completed my JOURNEYS YEAR LONG WORD STUDY! This MEGA BUNDLE is packed FULL of lessons to help you along the way every day when you are teaching Spelling, English/Grammar and Sight Words.  Have you found yourself saying "I just can't fit it all in!"?  Well, not any more.  This huge bundle has a 4 lessons for each week - Fridays are reserved for exit tests.  This product is meant to be used on your Interactive Board and every day has a lesson with games, fill in the blanks, missing letters, strategies galore and more.....and the best part?? It only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete each day!  It really gives you a ton of "bang for your buck".  When our first grade team started using this daily we saw our firsties reading levels begin to soar!   I hope you'll take a minute to check it out here.

Would you like to see for yourself a little sample of these products?  Drop me a quick email at and I will send one right out to you!  You are going to love it! 

Well friends, that's about it for me tonight.  This first grade teacher (on vacation!! woohoo!!) is ready to put her feet up and begin my relaxing and recharging!  This will be my last Five for Friday post for the summer, but I will definitely be checking in over the next couple of months with lots of ideas on how to get ready for back to school, organizational tips, guided reading strategies and more.  Plus I have LOTS of new products in the works and I will be excited to share them with you.  If you are one of my loyal followers, I'll be sharing a few fabulous freebies with you as if you aren't yet on my email list, you will want to sign up today.  I promise I am not a "spammer"!  I just appreciate you all so much for coming by and reading my little blog and visiting my TPT store and I always like to share the love! 

I'll leave you with my Friday Funny.....yea, this was pretty much me today....

Have a great summer everybody and be sure to send me an email to pick up those freebies! Be sure to hop on over to Doodlebugs Teaching to see how some other fantastic teachers are ending their year.  Check back soon, cause you know.....there's always something fun happening in