Friday, May 19, 2017

Happy FriYay!  
Did somebody say "Friday"?  You know what that means...time for my "Five For Friday" gratitude!  So many wonderful things to be grateful for, so let's go!

To tell the truth, the last couple of weeks have been a lot about family and less about school.  We are winding down our year at school and with that comes so many celebrations!  So as usual, being the proud mom that I am, I have to give a shout out to my wonderful son.  He lettered for the third time at the annual Track Banquet, went to his first Prom and volunteered as a counselor this week for Sixth Grade Camp.  Way to go Casey!

We had our annual First Grade Talent Show this week.  I soooo wish I could post the video of the entire show, but of course I can't because of privacy issues for the firsties.  My class had three acts...our first was the incredible "Enlarging Machine"!  The kiddos put in something small.....and it came out huge!  So cute! We also had some dancing cheerleaders and the world famous "Hoopsters" - an amazing hoola hoop act.....along with many other acts from the other first grade classrooms.  It was a super cute show and the parents loved it!

Since I can't post the video of the kiddos, I'll share with you The Fab Four - my first grade team....we are always the last act of the show.  Here we are in all our craziness.....

We celebrated my niece's First Communion this blessed that my mom is still able to attend these special events at 94 years old!  

It's been a CRAZY BUSY week around school.....extremely HOT weather with no A/C ....packing up my room and trying to keep 19 Firsties occupied!  My sweetie knew it had been a stressful, exhausting week so he took me out for a nice dinner.  Ahhhh.....

Finally, I leave you with my Friday Funny....since most of us our finishing up our school year very soon you can relate.  This pretty much sums up my room:

Well friends......that's it for me this week.  We are almost finished with our year....only 4 days left of school for me.  How about you??? Hang in there...we can do it!  If you need a little more inspiration and encouragement from some other fabulous teachers,  hop on over to Doodlebugs Teaching to check out more Friday posts!  Be sure to stop by again soon because you know......there's always something fun happening in