Friday, May 5, 2017

Five For Friday (May 5th) - We have baby ducks!

Hey friends! Hope this finds everybody having a FANTASTIC week!! You know what time it is.....yep, time to show some gratitude....and I have a lot to be grateful for this week, so let's go!

BIG NEWS!! We have baby ducklings!! If you read my post last week (and I hope you did 😊) you know that we had an incubator in our room with duck eggs.  Well we finally had some hatch this week!  This was sooooo exciting for the Fab Firsties.  We got to actually watch them begin to hatch from the could see them pushing and trying to get out.  What a fabulous experience for the kids.....they were fascinated and just loved it. You can take a look at the video of them getting ready to hatch here.

Here they are after they are have never seen anything this cute.....seriously! Check out the video here

The firsties couldn't take their eyes off of them all day today.....they just wanted to sit by the box and watch the babies!  If you have never done it, give it a try!  It was really super basically just put the eggs in the incubator, add water daily and wait.  It takes about 28 days for them to hatch.  Here's a link to the incubator that we used....(it's kind of pricey and I'm lucky because I borrowed it from a friend).....maybe a good donors choose project?

This was a fantastic experience and went perfectly with my Oviparous Animals Bundle.  You can read more about it here.  If you'd like to take a closer look at it, you can check it out here

We had our first college visit this past weekend!  The weather was rainy but that didn't put a damper on our was so exciting and sort of surreal taking my baby to visit, which one will he pick?? (And when did he get so tall?????)

My co-worker and TPT friend, Jenna, is getting married!  We had a little bridal shower for her this week and she was showered with lots of love and presents!  You can check out her blog From September To Mrs. May here.  (Be sure to take a look at her newest product for teachers who are Brides To Be... "My Teacher's Getting Married" is ADORABLE!)

So, at my school we have Secret Supporters.....nobody knows who your secret friend is and we leave them little notes of encouragement and treats occasionally just to boost morale and keep everybody feeling happy and motivated.  Check out what my secret pal left me today.......oh yea, I'll be breaking these bad boys out this weekend!  The big reveal is next week.....wonder who it is???

And lastly......I leave you with my Friday Funny.....yea, this is pretty much me every day.  Stupid interactive

Well friends......that's it for tonight.  Be sure to check back over the weekend because I'm super excited to tell you about how we spent our week making DOTS! It is seriously my FAVORITE week of the year! (Updated:)  Here's a link to the post:

Hope you all have a great weekend.....hang in there.....only a few more weeks left!  Be sure to hop on over to Doodlebugs Teaching to check out the other Five For Friday posts....there are some talented teachers over there!! And come on back soon....because there's always something fun happening in...