Friday, April 7, 2017

Five For Friday (April 7)

Hey friends!  You know what time it is........yep it's

Just checking in for a quick little post about the things I'm grateful for this week! You know that what you put out there....comes right back to let's get that gratitude going!

First off, we had a fun little impromptu lesson on strawberries! 🍓We were learning about plants and what they needed to grow and survive.  We started off with the cute story "The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear".  Have you ever heard it?  So cute! For the life of me, I couldn't find my copy so we watched it on YouTube.  You can find it here. We sequenced the story in the pocket chart, did a little sequence worksheet that I found on Pinterest (I saved it to my First Grade Literacy board on Pinterest and you can pick it up here), made a sequence of how a strawberry grows, tasted strawberries dipped in chocolate and whipped creme (YUM!), and then graphed our favorites.  The kids loved it! I made a little FREEBIE for all of my followers.....just send me an email to and let me know that you read this post.  I will send it right out to you! It includes everything that you see below: patterns to make the "growth of a strawberry" sequence,  pocket chart sequencing activity and a graphing activity! 

Totally grateful that I got to go to this concert!  I'm a HUGE John Denver was my first ever concert when I was 16 years old.  This past weekend I was lucky enough to go to a tribute concert by a guy named Ted Vigil.  He not only sounded like John Denver....but he looked like him too!  I felt like I took a step back in was great!

I survived the first track meet of the season! It was about 38 degrees.....drizzling....and pretty much miserable! But it was all worth it to see this guy run! That's my son Casey, running the 400 relay and his team did great! that a little wave he's giving his mama as he strides by???? 
What a guy 😊......❤️

I loved this simple little craft at the art station this easy you can do it too!  I just cut strips of paper for the petals and green strips for the stem.  I let the kids cut out their own leaves and soil - no pattern.  Just loop the strips over once and glue them around the yellow middle.  Glue that to the stem...add the leaves and soil.  Too cute!  I just love my little spring "flower garden"!

And finally.......I leave you with my Friday Funny......yep, only one more week.......

 If you want more great ideas from other fabulous teachers hop on over to the Friday Linky Party at Doodlebugs Teaching.  Lots of great ideas waiting for you there! And don't forget to PIN you remember later 😀.  That's it for me this week, but before I leave you I want to say that  I'm super excited for next week!  We will be doing some fun easter activities (coloring eggs...but not the traditional way, making a cute easter card and having an easter egg hunt).  We'll also spend a little time reading some Eric Carle books and trying our hand at creating butterflies like him.  Be sure to stop by to check what we've been doing and be sure to drop me an email to get your copy of that STRAWBERRY MINI UNIT FREEBIE!   Hope to see you back here next week, cause you know there's always something fun happening in......