Monday, April 2, 2018

Animal Life Cycle - Oviparous Animals

The animal life cycle is a popular spring unit when learning about oviparous animals and this lesson is sure to get your students excited! 

But first, how was your Easter?  I hope it was great, like what am I supposed to do with all these leftover plastic eggs???

Eggs.....eggs.....hmmmm.......well, I got to thinking about it and decided now was the perfect time to break out the Oviparous Animal unit.  I have been wanting my students to work together on a project in small groups and this lesson was a great opportunity.  

We started with the book "Chickens Aren't The Only Ones".... a great little book about the many animals that hatch from eggs.  I don't have my own copy of this book, but found a nice video reading on YouTube.  You can check it out here

Next I passed out animal pictures to each of my students and we sorted them in a pocket chart labeled Oviparous and Not Oviparous animals. You can grab a free copy of this sort here

Our next step was to work together using interactive writing to make a list of Oviparous Animals:

Finally, I had my students choose between four different animals to research: Sea Turtle, Chicken, Frog and Owl.  The students worked in small groups to read books about their animals.  I had a few books in my classroom library and I also had the students use Epic Books to read about their animal. If you haven't checked out Epic Books online....please do! It's a great resource for teachers, with TONS of books, that you can read for FREE!

The students worked with their small group partners to create a large web with facts about their animal:

Next, the students wrote down four facts about their animal on their "animal facts strips" and then put those strips into little plastic Easter eggs. (I knew I'd find a use for all those eggs!) The students made a cute craft of their animal baby and then attached it to paper bag nests, then popped the eggs into the nests! 

The students also learned about the life cycle of their animals.  They made these adorable animal crafts with the life cycle in the center: 

Each student also completed a book about their animal.  They drew a picture of their animal, their habitat, what they eat, the male and female chicken and an interesting fact.  

When we were all finished, the students took an assessment to see how much they learned about their animal......they ROCKED those tests!

If you'd like to introduce your students to oviparous animals, you can take a closer look at each of these units here. 

                 Chickens                                 Owls

                 Frogs                                     Sea Turtles

Each unit contains the following:

1. Animal Facts Strips - Students can write 4 facts about the animal on the strips, cut them out and put them in plastic eggs.  Place the eggs in paper bag “nests”

2. Animal Graphic Organizer - students complete this web with facts about the animal.

3. Informational Writing Template - 3 levels of templates to write reports.

4. My Book About __________ - Students can complete this book with drawings and sentences on each page about the specific animal. 

5. Pre and Post Assessments 

6. Animal Life Cycle - poster, label and cut & paste worksheet

7. Patterns to create a large class graphic organizer about the animal.

8. Patterns for adult animal craft and the life cycle for the center of this craft.

9. Patterns for a baby animal craft to attach to paper bag nest with the 4 facts. 

10. Oviparous Animal Anchor Chart

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