Friday, April 28, 2017

Five For Friday (April 28th) - Japan, Ducklings and Gratitude!

Hello Friends! It's that time of the week to think about all the great things that have happened and give a little gratitude! I want to give a shout out to Kayse Morris over at Doodlebugs Teaching for hosting this linky each week!  So here's my five things I'm grateful for.....what are yours?  Comment below and let us all know what's going on great in your classroom! 

More babies on the way!! We are super excited because our caterpillars are all in their chrysalis and we have some duck eggs in our little incubator!  The ducks are scheduled to hatch on MONDAY!! We are SUPER EXCITED!  We aren't sure about the delivery date of our butterflies....but we are watching them closely every day!

I always have to give a shout out to the #1 man in my life....spent last evening at my son't final band concert of the year.  The sounded FABULOUS!! ❤️🎺

One of my Fab Firsties brought me these beautiful lilacs.....oh my room smelled heavenly.  And it's my favorite flower! Made my day! (Don't judge the vase.....LOL)

We spent the week learning about Japan! We had a special presentation from a family in our community, we read lots of books about Japan and watched some videos.  We made some super cute crafts and tried some traditional Japanese food.  I have a full blog post all about our week here with a great FREEBIE for my followers so that you can do these lessons in your room too! Check it out here

Finally, I leave you with my Friday this week was kindergarten registration at our need to say more.  

Hey you fabulous teachers!! The countdown is here.....we can do this!!  Be sure to hop on over to Doodlebugs Teaching to see what other great teachers are doing in their classrooms! Keep on smiling and check back next week because there's always something fun happening in.....

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Five For Friday (April 21st) - Easter, Oviparous Animals & Milestones!

Hello Fab Followers! 
Stopping by with my Five for Friday check in.  Hope you all had a great week! Here's what I'm grateful for this week.....what about you?

First off.....I had a great Easter and I hope you did too!  The weather was perfect and I was lucky enough to spend it with my family.  My mom, who is 94 years young, was here along with my brother and my son.  We had lots of yummy food and treats, great conversation and a good time.  I miss those days when my kids were little and we were hiding Easter eggs....I'm about ready for some grand babies!  Hint....

We were off on spring break for part of this week, but we came back on Wednesday ready to learn.  We spent the week learning about Oviparous Animals. This is such a fun unit and the firsties loved it! Here's a sneak can check out my full blog post here (includes a FREEBIE).

We have BABIES!  I ordered some little caterpillars online last week and they have been busy eating and eating! They have quadrupled their size and should be ready to spin their chrysalis any time! We are so excited for them to change into butterflies!  Have you ever tried this in your room?  Here's the link, in case you want to order some too.  They usually arrive in just a couple of days!

I hit a little mini milestone this week.....I opened up my Instagram the other day and saw that I had surpassed 700 followers! What???? That made my heart happy to know that over 700 people like the stuff we do in Firstieland. If you are one of those followers I want to give you a big SHOUT OUT 👏 and THANK  YOU!  If you'd like to join up, you can find me @firstieland. 

Last,  I always like to leave you with my little Friday now that spring break is over......

Hey friends....thanks for stopping by.  Hope you had a great week and I'd love to hear about it.  Please feel free to comment below with some of the cool things you did in your room this week! And please hop on over to Doodlebugs Teaching Five For Friday Linky Party to check out what other awesome teachers have going on! Please check out my full blog post about Oviparous Animals here.  You won't want to miss grab the FREEBIE while you're there!  Have a great weekend and see you next week because there's always something fun happening in....

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Five For Friday (April 14th) -Eric Carle, Adopt A Peep and Easter

 Hey Fab Followers! Hope everyone is having a great week....maybe some of you are just starting your SPRING BREAK like me (Yay!!) or finishing up your break.  Either way, I hope everyone has some time for a little relaxation this upcoming weekend. It was all about Easter in my room this week!

 You know what time it is? Yep...It's Five For Friday and I have lots to be grateful for this week so here goes:

First I have to give a shout out to the best "peeps" anyone could EVER work with! These "chicks" keep me sane and make me laugh every day! When you work with a great team like makes teaching a breeze!  If you have a chance, check out my friend Jenna's (2nd from the right in the photo)  fabulous blog "From September To Mrs. May".

We had some fun this week learning about butterflies.  We read Eric Carle's book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and also watched a short video about this famous author.  We learned how he creates his artwork and decided to give it a go, ourselves.  The firsties began by painting paper using various textured materials....then we used the paper to make our butterflies.  They also created the lifecycle of a butterfly using macaroni and wrote reports about butterflies.

We had so much fun with all our Easter activities this week too! The Fab Firsties had fun coloring eggs...with a twist! Instead of the traditional "dip 'n dye", we tried a new method.  We used our watercolor paints.  The kiddos loved it because it is more interactive and gives them a chance to be much more creative....which I LOVE ❤️🖌🎨

The firsties had fun filling their Easter treat bags.....what's not to love about a table full of candy and toys??

We took our photos with our friend Wilber....a soft cuddly bunny.....and we made these adorable Easter cards.....


I was super grateful that so many people had fun with my "Adopt A Peep" unit.  It's truly thrilling to see people all over the world using my products.  My new friend, Taylor Sawyer, said "We did the adopt a peep activity today and the kids (& teachers 😊) LOVED it! Best day ever." She shared these photos of her 2nd grade class with their adopted peeps.  So glad that her super second graders had such fun!  Thanks Mrs. Sawyer and your class for sharing your photos!! If you'd like to Adopt A Peep with your class you can pick it up here

And finally, I leave you with this thought........

You better believe I am!  Hey.....I hope you guys are all out there getting ready for your long weekend too!  While you're relaxing take a minute to hop on over to Doodlebug's Teaching Linky Party and see what's happening in other fabulous classrooms! Everybody have a wonderful Easter and I'll see you soon......cause there's always something fun happening in...

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Take A Peep At This!

Hello Peeps! We had the MOST FUN today! We adopted baby PEEPS!🐣 Well.....sort of. Yesterday I went to the store and stocked up on bunny shaped peeps (pink and blue), plastic eggs and jelly beans. I put a peep in each plastic egg and  I wrote a letter from the "Easter Bunny" telling the firsties that he and all the little bunnies were so busy getting ready for Easter that they didn't have time to take care of the new little batch of peeps that were almost ready to be born.  The letter asked the firsties if they would be willing to take care of the peeps until he returned on Thursday to pick them up. The kids were so EXCITED!! We said a magic poem to wake the peeps from their slumber and opened our eggs.  Some firsties got girls (pink peeps) and some got boys (blue peeps) and one lucky firstie got TWINS!  How fun!

Next we made a chart listing good peep names, things that peeps eat and where peeps live.

Then the kids went to work naming their peeps and filling out their Birth Certificate.

The firsties were responsible for keeping their peeps safe, so they set to work making the perfect peep nests.  We used styrofoam cups and the kids decorated them with permanent markers and filled them with Easter grass.

Since they were responsible for their peep, they couldn't leave it alone for even a minute.  They were given "Bunny Money" (5 jellybeans) that they kept in a plastic egg.  If they needed to leave the room to go to the restroom or get a drink, they had to hire a babysitter to watch over their peep while they were gone.  But they had to be frugal.....and if they started to run out of Bunny Money they had to work as a babysitter for someone else to earn some more bunny bucks!

Finally, we completed our "Peep Baby Book" - complete with Peeps First Photo, a picture of it's shell before it was born, a page devoted to their favorite "peeps" (friends) and all their favorite foods, tv shows, etc.  While they were working on their Peep Book, I played some cute Easter tunes.  you can find them on my YouTube channel here.

When it was time for the firsties to go to art they put their peeps down for a nap.....ahhh, quiet time.

Tonight they are responsible for taking their peep home, reading it a bedtime story, tucking it in and bringing it back to school tomorrow.  If they are responsible and do this....the Easter Bunny will bring them a special treat.  Tomorrow we will be writing all about their peeps first big adventure when they went home and we will do a directed draw of our peep.  I hope all the peeps make it back in one piece!!! I will let you know how it goes 🐣

If you would like to try this activity in your classroom this week, you can hop on over to my TPT store to pick up "Adopt A Peep".  It comes with everything you saw in this lesson....all you need to do is get your peeps (I suggest getting blue and pink bunny shaped peeps since this matches everything in the packet), eggs and jelly beans!  And it's on SALE for a limited time, so hippity hop quick over to my TPT store!