Thursday, March 9, 2017

Prepositions with Rosie's Walk!

Hello friends.....just stopping by with a mid week check in and wanted to share with you the cutest lesson we did today on PREPOSITIONS!  Now if you've tackled this skill with your firsties, you know it's not the easiest skill for them to grasp!  We've been working in these little rascals for a while now....we made this anchor chart a while ago and have referred to it many times.   Have I told you how much I LOVE anchor charts?  They seriously help my kids soooo much!  I keep them hanging all around the room and my fab firsties refer to them every day.  

We also have a list that we made so the kiddos can use them in their writing or help them remember which words are prepositions:

So this week we decided to do a little lesson on prepositions with the book "Rosie's Walk" by Pat Hutchins.  If you have never read this book it is PERFECT for this skill because it is filled with prepositional phrases! You can check it out here

After reading the story aloud to my firsties, we talked about which words were prepositions in the story.  I prepared ahead of time my version of the story - without the words - and the kiddos helped me write the prepositional phrases to match the pictures.  We highlighted the prepositions with yellow crayon.  

Then it was time for the fab firsties to create their own version of "Rosie's Walk".....I gave them each a large sheet of white butcher paper and showed them how to fold it into eight sections.  They used black crayon to trace over the fold lines to make their sections. 

Next we worked together to retell the story and write the prepositional phrases.  The paper was really big so the kiddos spread out all over the room.

When we were all done they used their little "Rosie" cut out to retell the story with a partner. ( I wish I could tell you where I found this little Rosie pattern but alas I have had it for a while and don't remember 😢)

We had a blast learning about prepositions with Rosie....and now you can too! Don't you just love this kind of easy peasy, no prep lessons?? Have fun and let me know if your kiddos love it as much as mine. Have a great week and remember to stop back soon because there's always something fun happening in....