Monday, January 16, 2017

Who Says Evergreens Are Only For Christmas?

So last week we decided to make evergreen trees.......yep, that's right in January! I had a great mini unit that I really wanted to do during December but I just ran out of time.  Too many fun things to do! So I decided....why did I have to do this unit in December?  Evergreens are green all year right???? LOL So we did a new take on the old Christmas tree!

We started this mini unit, like we do every unit, with a read aloud.  We read our monthly Scholastic News and learned all about evergreen trees.

We worked together in our interactive writing to make a class web about evergreen trees:

We have been working on writing informational reports.  My firsties are learning that a good report will have a title, an opening sentence, 2-3 facts about your topic and a closing sentence. We worked together in shared writing to create a class report on evergreen trees.  We underlined our opening and closing sentence:

Now that the firsties had a good background, they went to work creating their own webs and reports. How fabulous are these firsties??



Finally we made a super cute evergreen craft.  If you are familiar with my blog you will know that I am not a huge fan of patterns.  I use them on occasion, but I really like to let my firsties use their imaginations and see what they come up with.  And, as usual, they didn't let me down!!  For this project, I gave the kids three pieces of green paper...three different shades.  They folded it in half, vertically, and drew the zigzag lines like a Christmas tree on the fold side of the paper.  They cut them out and voila!......evergreen trees!!  🌲 We used half a sheet of blue construction paper and a small piece of torn white paper for snow.  The kids glued their 3 evergreens to the blue paper, added the torn white paper snow and then splatter painted the evergreen trees with white paint.  And there you have - Evergreens in The Snow!! ❤️

I took a little video of one of my fab firsties in action!!

We ended our mini unit by reading a quick and simple LEVELED mini book with comprehension sheet:


I absolutely LOVED this unit and so did the firsties!  Who says evergreens are only for Christmas?  i thought this was a perfect compliment to winter in cold and blustery Ohio, where we see plenty of evergreen trees!!! I found many of these activities in this great unit by my good friend can pick it up here or pop over to her blog for more great ideas!

I also used my super quick, easy and KID FRIENDLY rubrics to grade these wonderful writing samples.  You can pick them up in my TPT store for under $3 here.

I absolutely LOVE combining my writing with Science and Social Studies.  The kids enjoy learning about life around them and it's a great way to get those fabulous little minds flowing with creative writing ideas! I just added two new writing mini units that are a perfect compliment to your winter lessons.....and they include those elusive science standards that are so difficult to fit into your day! Easy peasy when you combine it with writing!! You can pick them up here and here.  

Be sure to check back later this week to see how I use these mini units in my classroom.  And until then, thanks for stopping by! Be sure to come back soon cause there's always something fun happening in.......

Firstieland 🍭


  1. This looks such a lovely unit to do throughout the Winter!

    Teaching Autism

  2. What a great unit. I would never have thought to study evergreens in January, but it makes sense.

  3. Great Lesson with fun activities and arts.