Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Water Changes in Winter

January is the perfect time to fit your science standards into your day while teaching your students about how water changes in winter.  This week we're learning all about snow, ice, freezing rain and more with a great unit on Winter Weather.

I don't know about you, but I sure have a hard time fitting Science into my day.  There are so many other things to teach and sometimes Science and Social Studies are the first to go.  But I don't like that because, it's the most fun!!! So I have found a way to combine my Science with my Writing.....and now I teach it every day 💜

We begin our unit with a non fiction powerpoint story that tells all about the different ways water can change in winter.  

We worked together to create a web about How Water Changes In Winter.  We shared the pen in "interactive writing" to create our web and will use this later to help us write reports.  

After this, my firsties got busy creating their own webs and then the children used this information to help them write a report about how water changes.  We have been working on reports for a while and my fab firsties are beginning to remember that all reports should have: Title, Opening Sentence, 1-3 Facts and a Closing Sentence.  The Winter Weather unit contains some great writing templates that are kid friendly, easy to use, differentiated and ......wait for it...... have a BUILT IN RUBRIC for easy grading!! Ahhhhh.....can you hear the angels singing? 😇  I mean, seriously, these writing templates have changed my life.  You can read more about them here. 

What I love so much is that these templates are differentiated so every child can write a report, but they are working at their own level and my lesson is meeting their needs.  Plus, the grading rubric (which is SUPER KID FRIENDLY AND TEACHER FRIENDLY) is built right into the template.  

After writing their reports, we read the book "Snowflake Bentley" about the first man to photograph snowflakes.  I found some photos of real snowflakes online and the kids loved looking at them.  


I always like to include some kind of craft with my science and writing units. For this unit, we made snowflakes.   I gave my firsties a 9x9 square piece of blue construction paper and a small white hexagon.  We glued this to the middle of the paper and then glued 6 Q tips to the points of the hexagon.  After that, the kiddos went crazy making their own unique and individual snowflakes.  The only rule.....they needed to be symmetrical.....just like real snowflakes.  I gave them trays of all kinds of little silver and white crafty stuff (pipe cleaners, twist ties, foil, silver fabric, beads, etc.) THEY LOVED THIS PROJECT! And I think their snowflakes turned out quite beautiful.  


As a little bonus, we decided to do a little science project (not included in the mini unit) to see what makes water melt the fastest - salt, flour, hot water or cold water......which do you think did the job???

We had a great couple of days learning about water changes.  If you'd like to use this little mini unit in your classroom, you can take a closer look at it here.

Well friends....that's about it for tonight.  I have a couple of shows on my dvr that are calling my name ("This Is Us" anyone???).  
Hope everyone has a great week ahead and check back often because there's always something fun happening in....

Firstieland 🍭