Sunday, January 8, 2017

And....We're Back.....with Contractions!

Hi everyone.....sorry it's been so long since my last post!  I took a much needed break from all things teaching related over my holiday break.  My son ❤️ came home for a visit from Texas (YEA!!!) and I focused on family during the month of December.  And may I was wonderful!

But now we are back to school with all of the firsties and we are hard at work.  This week I introduced contractions to my kids.  I'm glad to say it was a pretty easy concept for them.  We follow the Journeys reading series, so if you are a fellow Journeys user, we are on Lesson 13.  I love all of the fun things I see on Pinterest and from time to time I delve in....but sometimes easy and simple is better.  This week we were learning the contractions for "not" and "is" so I made some simple word cards to match in a pocket chart:

After matching the cards, we worked on a chart together.  I had different firsties help out and they highlighted the letter that we "kicked out" and then wrote the contraction.  As we learn more contractions, we will add those charts to our bulletin board for reference. We also reviewed our Contraction anchor chart:

We also do our  Journeys daily word study on our interactive board.  This week our lesson included contractions. You can pick up these word study lessons on my TPT store here. Here's one of my firsties leading our word study lesson:

Stay tuned for more lessons on contractions......including the much anticipated "Contraction Surgery"!!! Have a great week everybody and be sure to check back cause there's always something fun happening in.......

Firstieland 🍭