Sunday, November 20, 2016

Let's Talk Writing Rubrics!

So it's that time of the year when the firsties are finally getting a handle on writing.  I've introduced a couple of different types of writing to them....specifically, writing a friendly letter and informational writing.  And they are doing pretty well.....but then, I have to grade it.  😱 Oh you know that takes some time! Settle in with a cup of tea and be prepared to sit there for a while.  And how do you grade writing???? It's so subjective. So I used to get out my trusty rubrics - you know the ones with the boxes that say stuff like:  You have a strong focus or theme that shows you understand the prompt. Your focus is strong throughout your entire narrative. Yea.....and there's like 20 of those boxes on the rubric and you have to keep looking back and forth from the students writing to the rubric and comparing to see if they met all the little areas in each box.  Hmmmm, is this worth 4 points or 3 points.  Let me see did they have a strong focus or a clear focus??????? Gahhhhh! I hated those rubrics!  

So one day I decided I was going to create my own SIMPLE, KID FRIENDLY and TEACHER FRIENDLY rubric.  I wanted one for every kind of writing sample and I wanted it to align to the common core: Opinion Writing, Personal Narrative, Informational Writing, Friendly Letter and just an All Purpose Rubric for every day writing.  And I wanted it built right into the writing more looking back and forth, comparing, searching for the right rubric, copying it and stapling it to the writing sample! I needed to simplify my grading life!! Hey listen, I don't have time to sit here forever grading papers.  I have to watch The Real Housewives make dinner. You know what I mean?? 

So this is what I came up simple and yet really effective.  I have been using these rubrics for years and the grade is always right on target every time.  I have finally made it into a product that I can share with you! I hope you will check it will seriously change your grading life! You can grab you set here


  1. This is perfect. I am teaching my new teachers how to write a rubric next week and may just show them this post.

  2. Thanks so much Lynda! It makes my heart feel good to know I may be helping some new teachers out there in the world!