Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Learning about The First Thanksgiving

The story of the first Thanksgiving is always popular during the month of November and this lesson is always a big in my classroom with the interactive activities and crafts.  This non-fiction lesson is sure to fit in with your history and social studies standards this month!

We make an interactive book about the first Thanksgiving and spend 5 days teaching my Fab Firsties about the holiday.  I begin each lesson with a read aloud. These are some of my favorites. They are simple, kid friendly and really teach your students about the holiday of Thanksgiving.

Start your week on Monday with the book  "The Pilgrims First Thanksgiving" by Ann McGovern. This book describes the voyage of the Mayflower and the difficulties encountered by the Pilgrims during their first year in the New World and recounts how they celebrated their first harvest. After your read aloud, begin a T Chart comparing Thanksgiving Long Ago / Today.

If you are lucky enough to have a subscription to Scholastic News Magazine, be sure to check out the back issues.  They have some great short videos about the first Thanksgiving and the Wampanoag people. (Insert Shout out to Scholastic here!!!) Seriously, the Scholastic News Magazine is the best. Run to your principals office right now and beg them to get you a subscription to this little gem.

Here's the first page of our interactive book: 

On day two, it's time to watch a video about the Mayflower on the Scholastic website called The First Thanksgiving.  Have you visited this site??? It's a treasure trove of information on Thanksgiving and perfect for your K-2 students!! It has virtual tours of Plymouth Plantation, the Mayflower replica and a Wampanoag Village.   It's a great little site....just right for young students and they will learn so much about the Pilgrims voyage on the Mayflower.  On day two, make the second page of the interactive book:

On day 3, a great book to read is "Sarah Morton's Day".  It describes the life of a Pilgrim child.   You can also go back on the Scholastic website and learn all about the Pilgrim's housing and way of life. The third page of the interactive book is perfect for this lesson!

Day 4 is all about the Wampanoag Native American people.  Another cute book to read is  "The Pilgrims are Marching".  This is a rhyming book with the mischievous little Pilgrim boy, Johnny B, who causes all sorts of problems as they set sail to America and prepare for their first Thanksgiving.  There's a great comparison of daily life on the Scholastic site about the Wampanoag tribe and the Pilgrims. . Day four of our interactive book is a great way to end the lesson on the Native Americans. 


As you finish up your week on Day 5, read the story "Friendship's First Thanksgiving".  This adorable book tells about the first Thanksgiving....from a dog's point of view.  My students always love this book.  The last page of the interactive book is all about the feast!

These interactive books always turn out adorable and make a nice little Thanksgiving gift for someone at home! Click here if you want to take a closer look at The First Thanksgiving Interactive Book. 

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  1. Wow! Your Thanksgiving book is so adorable and you have some excellent ideas on how to teach about the holiday. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas!!