Monday, June 18, 2018

Morning Calendar Routine

What is your morning calendar routine? Can I just say how much I LOVE ours?  It really starts our day off right and I look forward to it as much as the students do!

Are you looking for an easy morning calendar routine for kindergarten or first grade? Teachers will love this smart board calendar that is perfect for your morning circle time and linked to the common core standards.#calendar #morningroutine #circletime #firstgrade #teachers #classroom

After my students do their morning chores, we meet at the carpet for our Calendar Time.  I can honestly say that I have done calendar with my kiddos every day for my entire career and I would never give it up.  I really feel like I get a lot of "bang for my buck" out of this little 15 minutes of time.

I used to have my calendar on my bulletin board and it looked like this:

Although it was a great routine, it took up a lot of space in my room and when I moved classrooms a few years ago I no longer had this much space to devote to my calendar.  What was I going to do?  I LOVED my calendar time and I didn't want to give it up! But the only bulletin board I had available was about 3ft X 3ft.  That wasn't going to cut it. my new classroom I had an interactive board......woah!! We have entered the 21st Century!!! So I decided I needed to do my morning math routine in a more updated I created my Calendar Math Editable Powerpoint.  

So, how does the calendar work?  The first slide is the actual calendar.  It's completely interactive so the students can move things around, which they LOVE ❤️. Your students can move the date into place and move the days to show Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.  Choose a child to use an expo marker to actually write the date - both the long version and the digital date. This gives them good practice in writing the date, which is actually one of our writing standards.  We also sing our "Good Morning Song", which is such a positive happy way to start our day.  There's a link to the you tube video and it's embedded right into our calendar.  How cool is that????

The next slide is counting how many days we have been in school.  Students can make the days with tens and ones and also make it in tallies.

On the third slide students practice telling time and making graphs. The teacher chooses a question, for the "Graph of the Day" and the students drag their answer into the graph.

The fourth slide is about the "Shape of the Week".  Teachers can choose one "shape" to study for the week.  I usually begin with the 2 dimensional shapes like triangle, circle square, etc.  We learn how many vertices and faces the shape has, as well as if it is an open or closed shape.  These are all part of our Math standards.  Eventually, you can move on to the three dimensional shapes like cube, cylinder, cone and sphere.

The last slide has addition, subtraction and number bonds.

Wow.....that's a ton of stuff!!! You're probably wondering how you can all that in 15 minutes. I don't suggest doing every page, every day.  We always do the first two pages - calendar and counting how many days in school.  The rest of the pages we do occasionally.

If you'd like your students to follow along, there are even backline maters of the calendar that you can make into a book for your kids to work in!

In the beginning of the year , you can start off with just a page or two.... add more as the year goes on.  We never do all 5 pages in one day...that would take too much time and I try to limit our calendar time to 15 minutes a day.

My students and I really do love our new calendar's streamlined, 21st century and doesn't take up any valuable bulletin board space.  If you'd like to take a closer look, I made a little video of the calendar which you can watch here. 

So, are you ready to go digital with your morning calendar?  Your students will love it and so will  you! If you're ready to make the change you can grab your own Calendar Math Editable Powerpoint here.

Calendar Math - Owl Theme            


What do you do for your morning calendar math routine?  Please share your ideas below....I'd love to hear them!!