Friday, October 13, 2017

Monsterously Good Adjectives!

Here is a great way to get your students excited about adjectives using the book Go Away Big Green Monster.  Check out our anchor chart and adorable monster crafts that we made in this fun halloween writing lesson!

Lately we have been working on different parts of speech.....we started with nouns and verbs and the last couple of weeks we've been focusing on adjectives.  I really love adjectives....the kids seem to really get into it and love finding different ways to use describing words in their sentences.
We created this anchor chart over the course of about 2 weeks and the students have been referring to is in their writing.

This week I had the kids make monsters and we described them using adjectives.  I read them the book "Go Away Big Green Monster" by Ed Emberly. This book is super cute....sort of a "lift the flap" kind of book and the kids love it.  It's full of adjectives with sentences like "big green face" and "purple squiggly hair".  You can pick it up here

After reading the book we made an anchor chart full of adjectives that describe monsters:

I made my own monster and my firsties and I worked together on a "shared writing" to describe my monster.  Shared writing is a technique where the students and the teacher compose a text together, with both contributing their thoughts and ideas to the process, while the teacher acts as the scribe and writes the text as it is composed.  We worked to use plenty of adjectives in our description: 

After working together on our shared writing, my firsties got busy making their own monsters! They didn't have a pattern to work with.....just their own imaginations.  I really love when kids create their own stuff, rather than copying from a pattern.  The only direction was to use their imagination and include lots of colors and parts to their monster so that they would have lots to describe.  When their monster was complete, they wrote their own description using our anchor charts as reference.  I think they did a great job in their writing and their monsters turned out super cute!!



  1. I LOVE these! Great lesson idea, thanks for sharing.

  2. Very cool! I love the idea of having a 'monstrously good adjectives' theme. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this idea. I am using it. The only suggestion I have is making the adjective chart with titles arranged in "Order of Adjectives" like we speak. This will help the ELL. Number usually goes first when speaking. It will also help with the written portion.
    Quantity or number.
    Quality or opinion.

    Again, super idea! It really helped making a "monster unit"

    1. That's a great idea! The reason the adjectives are posted in this order is because that is the order that we teach them in our curriculum. I created the chart over the course of a few days with my firsties and we added a new column each day. But if you don't have a specific curriculum to follow, putting them in the order you said is a great idea! Thanks for the comment ❤️