Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Learning About The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

Are you getting ready to learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin? Why not combine that with your grammar lesson on adjectives? You can have an easy writing activity and adorable fall crafts that your students will LOVE.  Read on to see how I combine Science and Writing in this first grade lesson using the books Jamie's Pumpkin and The Pumpkin Book!

It's finally beginning to feel like fall around here!  The air is crisp and the leaves are changing colors. It's my favorite time of the year!!🎃 So......of course it's time to break out the PUMPKINS! We spent last week learning all about they grow, describing them, what you can make out of fun.  My firsties loved it! Check out this lesson, so you can get started doing the same thing!

We started out the week with one of my favorite books for this season "Jamie's Pumpkin".....the illustrations in this book are beautiful.  They are the most lovely watercolors and the book shows the sequence of how a pumpkin grows.  In our Shared Writing lesson, the children helped me compose my own story of how a pumpkin grows.  I showed them how to use the words First, Next, Then and Last in this writing.  

I think it's super important to begin a writing lesson with Shared Writing.  This really helps the kids get their own ideas in their head and models the thought process involved in writing. It helps them become independent writers and gives them confidence to try writing on their own.  We made these cute little crafts to go with it and then the kids wrote the sequence of how a pumpkin grows. I never leave my writing on the board for the students to copy, although I did leave just the words First, Next Then and Last as a reminder.  

We also read Gail Gibbons book "The Pumpkin Book".  If you have never used any of her books in class, check them out! They are really great informational text for younger kids.  We ❤️ Gail Gibbons! This book describes pumpkins and we used this as an opportunity to learn more ADJECTIVES. We have been learning all about adjectives this month.  

We took a look at some real pumpkins and then made this cute Pumpkin Adjectives anchor chart in our interactive writing. 

I also found this cute poem on Deanna Jumps blog that we sang.  I put this poem at our Big Book Station after we did it as a whole group, for my firsties to practice on their own. 

We made big pumpkins and wrote adjectives all around them:

Do you use Scholastic News in your classroom?  It's really pretty fantastic. We don't have a formal Science or Social Studies curriculum in our school, so we supplement with Scholastic and it's really helpful.  Plus, it has a great online component! Cool games, videos and interactive lessons that go with each Scholastic News and it comes FREE with your subscription.  We read our newest magazine and then we made a list of things we can do with pumpkins in another interactive writing lesson.  

I always like to finish up a mini unit with a report on what we have learned.  I teach my firsties to use a web to gather their information.  We made one together on the board and then I showed them how to use this web to write a report.  I found the best You Tube video from Teacher Tipster on different "openings and closings" to use with kids when teaching them to write reports and stories.  He is the best! You can find the video here

We finished up our week with my FAB FIRSTIES making their own webs and reports about Pumpkins.  They used their openings and closings and tried to include some adjectives to make it more interesting. I think they turned out pretty fabulous!!

So we had a GREAT about you?  What fun things are you doing with pumpkins in your classroom?? Leave a post and let me know so we can share it with everyone!  Happy Fall Y'all!

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  1. Love all these great activities...I am sure your class had fun!

  2. I really love the pumpkin book suggestions!