Monday, October 8, 2018

October Learning Centers

Are you ready to get your October Learning Centers started?  Well I have a bunch of cute ideas for you this month! Take a look.....

Spelling Center

Adding a few props to your centers will make them so much more fun and engaging for your students.  You would be surprised at how excited they get with a fancy pen or silly hat!

Something new at Spelling this month is "Spooky Spelling" - my firsties write their words in white crayon and then paint over them with watercolors.  And just like MAGIC they appear!!

Another fun activity is Pumpkin Spin A Word....spin the spinner and follow the directions for writing your spelling words - in all capital letters, fancy letters, rainbow writing, etc.  You never know where the spinner will land!

Math Center

If you need some cute Math ideas, you students will love these! This month, in math, we are working on addition skills with Halloween Math.   My struggling firsties are still working on some number recognition so they have a counting activity. Are you brave enough to reach inside and count the spooky spiders and bats??

My on level firsties are working on addition.  I found the cutest little drink holders at Dollar Tree...removed the straws and filled them with different halloween goodies that we are using for the counters.  Spider rings, halloween erasers, mini pumpkins, etc all make great manipulatives for this type of activity!

For a challenge, I made another worksheet where the kids use the same monster drink holders and they make an addition fact and also the related fact, by changing the order of the addends.

We are also working on math  with Ten Frame Addition and candy corn math. 

Finally we're feeding hungry monsters with this Halloween Math Game. Students feed the halloween cookies to the monsters with the correct sum. 

Library Center

My firsties ❤️ to sit and read in our cozy library!  Add a few new Halloween books, a witches hat and witches fingers for pointers and you MAGICALLY have some engaged kiddos reading books! 

Big Book Center

We have been learning about adjectives and I found the cutest poem on Pinterest to use for this activity!  I added it to our big book station along with some great October books, a monster hat and a fuzzy monster hand to use as a pointer! 

Word Work Center

This month my firsties are building their sight words with letter tiles and working on the "ck" ending. I found these cute little plastic pumpkins at Dollar Tree.  Each pumpkin has the letter tiles to build one of our sight words.  The kiddos have to dump them out and arrange the letters in the right order, then write it on the Pumpkin Words worksheet.  

Do you have kiddos working on higher level word families?   These haunted houses and ghosts are a huge hit with my firsties!  Match these ghostly word families to their haunted houses! 

And of course, an all time favorite is "Write the Room".  This month we are searching for Halloween words! 

Another fun game is "Pickin' Pumpkins in the Pumpkin Patch".  The kids are working on sight words in this game.  It's great fun....but don't land on the rotten pumpkin or you'll have to go back to start! 

Art Center

A great way to keep your kids engaged at the art center is an easy craft.  I keep it simple so that my firsties can finish it in about 15-20 minutes, the time I spend with each reading group during guided reading. This week they are making "candy corn".  If they finish the task early they can use some of the other materials at the art station like play dough, markers, fancy scissors, etc.  

Some of our other projects this month will be witches, ghosts and a pumpkin man.  These are all super simple, with just 2 or 3 patterns, and easy for the kids to do on their own with no help from me.  

Writing Center

Finally, a few simple tasks at the Writing Center will round things out in your room.  This month, we are working on labeling and making lists.  I've added some cute, colorful mini word walls to spark their imagination along with story starters for "Witches Brew", "Favorite Halloween Candy" and "If I Were a Ghost...".  

So that's what is happening at our centers during the month of October.  Hop over here to take a closer look at these Math and Literacy Centers.