Sunday, October 1, 2017

Halloween Literacy Activities

Are you looking for a new Halloween literacy activity for your classroom? This cute October unit is based on the book Bone Soup and includes games and writing activities that are sure to scare up some great writing with your students! 

This lesson is based on the book Bone Soup. This adorable story is about a little goblin who comes into town and tricks everyone into giving up all their goodies (eyeballs, toenail clippings, bones, etc) to make his soup.  It's a great book for sequence of events and also creative Halloween writing!  What kid doesn't like a book about eyeballs and toenail clippings?

Before you get started, grab a witches hat and create a spooky atmosphere with a few dollar store halloween toys and spiderwebs! And of course, read the story in your creepiest witches voice....

After you read the story, create a shared writing chart of things the you would put in your Bone Soup.  I told my firsties that I wanted to make Bone Soup and asked them what I should put in it. Since we have been studying about adjectives lately, we used our best describing words to make it more interesting. 

Next, it's time to create your own Bone Soup recipe.  I told my students that a good recipe always includes the amount needed, so we used number words in our recipe (more adjectives....Yay!!)

Finally it was time for some Halloween creative writing as the kids created their own Bone Soup recipe.  They each had a turn at reaching into my cauldron and choosing five creepy ingredients! They made a cauldron craft and completed their own recipe, making sure to use adjectives in their recipe.  

I put their recipes on display in our hallway and made it into a mini halloween station for the rest of the week.  My class and the other first grades can visit it during center time and create Magic Potions and write in our potion book! 

If you'd like to do this activity and so much more with your kiddos, take a look at my Bone Soup Literacy and Math Unit.  Your students are sure to have a spook-tacular time with all of these fun activities!